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I am Lucy and the first thing I’d like to do is explain the title of this blog…. Ever since I’ve known him, my husband has lovingly referred to me as ‘muffintop’ – originally because he thought it was a cute nickname, but since I explained what it meant, because he thinks it’s funny. Trouble is, before I had my daughter, it was vaguely amusing; but now it’s unfortunately true.

I’ve spent a lot of my maternity leave so far finding postpartum fitness posts on Instagram and Pintrest, but none of them seem to have put on quite as much weight as I have and are bikini ready 6 weeks after popping one out.

So I’m going to document my slightly more realistic progress – along with anything baby-related that is mildly interesting – in the hope that there are people out there like me (or who can help me!).

Please feel free to get in touch at muffintopmummyblog@gmail.com, especially if you have any useful new mummy/new muffintop related advice. I’ve heard excellent things about the mummy community!

Love and salad,