An Ode to a 3 month old

We haven’t known each other long

And yet my feelings are so strong

I hope it’s not too soon to say

I love you more each passing day

We’ll cuddle up when you are down

My princess in her golden crown

And though you may poo everywhere

Sick down my top without a care

And scream until your face turns red 

When I’ve only just got into bed

I don’t fret because you’re mine

And all that nasty shit is fine

As one day you won’t be so small

And you’ll barely even take my call

While out dancing with your friends

Hoping the night never ends

But trust that when you stumble in

Pissed from drinking too much gin

I’ll hold your hair back while you puke

Make some tea and won’t tell Luke

We’ll talk boys and who hates who

I want to share all that you do

For right now at 3 months old

To sleep you want my hand to hold 

I’m everything you ever need

Safety, comfort and to feed

I’ll miss these times although they’re tough 

When all day cuddles were enough

But I’ll wake up with a smile each dawn

You made my life when you were born. 

Mummy Times Two

3 thoughts on “An Ode to a 3 month old

  1. This is a truly beautiful poem. I already worry about those teenage years! Give me newborn cuddles any day. Thank you so much for linking up such an excellent post to #PostsFromTheHeart and reminding us all how precious the moments are.

    Liked by 1 person

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