Small baby, big appetite: a warning to anyone growing a human being

Let me start with a disclaimer… I KNOW that you put weight on when you have a baby. I was never under the illusion that you didn’t. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s why I gained so much – I was merrily tucking into 4 choc chip muffins a day (amoungst many other things), safe in the knowledge that I would gain weight anyway.

But future mummies, this is NOT  a foolproof strategy.

The problem being, once the baby is out, the excess fat doesn’t magically disappear.

Who knew!?

Turns out, when you watch those thighs inflate like a magician’s balloon (don’t worry, you can’t make poodles out of them for children’s parties), sticking a pin in them postpartum won’t make them deflate. Everyone tells you this is the case – including your personal trainer friend who gasps in horror when you tell her how much weight you’ve gained by only week 22 – but you will adopt the ‘it won’t happen to me mindset’ with the genuine expectation that it’ll all fall off again after a quick stroll round the park. In fact, you may be in so much denial that you refuse to Google any more sites that tell you how much weight you should have gained for your stage of pregnancy as they  are clearly all wrong or lying to make you feel bad.

But take my advice ladies, it’s possibly not a great idea to eat everything and anything in sight. Unless you fancy a bit of extra chunk. Then by all means choc chip muffin away!

The thing is; is it wrong to say that I was pretty sexy pre baby? I’ve always had hips and a bum (I know the majority of the population share this mystical anatomy but you know what I mean!) but I’m usually able to keep them under control with a bit of rigourous exercise and a limit on the daily muffin intake. I liked my body and I reckoned it would handle a baby quite well – childbearing hips and all that. But my little girl was a small baby (born a week late at 6lb 11ounces) and so I have an inkling (ie. excuse) that my body was making me hungry to try and grow her a bit bigger. Clearly it didn’t really know what it was doing because it kept hold of most of what I’d eaten anyway.

So here I am 12 weeks into motherhood writing my first proper blog post warning other slender sisters like me that it CAN happen. If the whole internet and your personal trainer friend say that you may be gaining too much weight, you should probably listen… unless you’re the sort of person who’s up for a challenge. Because now I’m at the other side of pregnancy, I really want to be that slim girl again. I want to be the MILF in her skinny jeans at baby rhyme time rather than the one hiding in the corner with her love handles spilling out of her tracksuit. And as dedication to this fact, find here, the official blog of my mission in life to become that wonderful MILF that I know lives somewhere within me, the muffintopmummyblog!

First steps and all that…

Mummy Times Two

7 thoughts on “Small baby, big appetite: a warning to anyone growing a human being

  1. My little guys is now a toddler and running around after him and having to share my meals has definitely helped me to lose weight! Sneaking biscuits in the cupboard…not so much! #postsfromtheheart


  2. We all have the dream that we are just feeding the baby lots of lovely food and it won’t end up on our thighs and we all cry when the baby comes out and we are left with 2 stone of blubber looking back at us.Lots of walking and gentle exercise is the way forward.Thanks for linking up to #Postsfromtheheart


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