Piggy in the middle

Sorry but the title of this post is already cracking me up. I laugh at my own jokes… you probably need to know this about me.

What I mean by this (not so) hilarious phrase is that I seem to fall somewhere in the middle of the ‘new Mum’ spectrum when it comes to my need to shrink back to my former, less potbellied self. I’m basing this theory entirely on the social media and blog posts that have been filling my days mind you, so I could be completely off the mark, but there seems to be 2 main categories of women when it comes to our postpartum bodies.

(FYI I applaud both of these types of women – the first thing I’ve learnt as a new parent is that judging other parents is really shitty)

The super fit

These are the mums who cared about fitness pre pregnancy (like me) and who carried on running and weight training throughout all 3 trimesters (not so much me).

They post pictures on Instagram of their slight bumps after baby pops out, and then 6 weeks later (once given the all clear from the doc of course), their abs begin to peek through and they’re squatting the cot over their head.

I wish I was one of these mummies. I wish I hadn’t given up  Spinning and Pilates for Sofa and Pizza. But then I wish my husband would buy me a Valentines gift every year and it never happens, so I guess we can’t all get what we wish for!

Everyone else

This is the slightly larger category that covers everyone who isn’t Crossfitting at 38 weeks. These are the mummies who, like me, took it easy during pregnancy, gained a bit of weight and don’t quite look the same 9 months later.

Unlike me however, these mothers have thrown themselves into motherhood and all the joy and shit that comes along with it and don’t give two flying monkey’s behinds what they look like. Actually, this is a little misleading…I have thrown myself into motherhood and love my little girl more than life itself, but there is still that niggle in a well-frequented corner of my brain that is desperate to recognise slightly blobbier lady in the mirror. Even if it is only so the baby can one day stand proud at preschool as I walk in and think ‘don’t you wish your mummy was as hot as mine?’ 

Okay, maybe not that far, but I wouldn’t mind feeling just a bit like ‘me’ again.


I know I’m not really the only one here in the middle – which is a major part of why I started this blog – but I’m just so terribly cross at myself for letting myself go. But I’m also cross that I’m pining for my pre pregnant body. I wanted a baby so badly I couldn’t have cared less how it changed me at the time. So why do I care now? I’m not even sure myself, I guess I’m just more narcissistic than I thought. It’s a lonely place for this little piggy to be over here, so if any of this is ringing any bells (or even if you want to tell me I’m a nutter) please come join me!


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